Real Marine was established in 2000 to meet growing demand at the Santos port for on board grains control. Registered in CREA-SP, Real Marine Engineering started to offering the International Commodities market Consultancy and Technical Audit Services for Terminal Operators and International Trade Agents specialized in grains. Through the Draft Survey the Trade Agent verifies the weight of his shipped cargo, certified alongside the Vessel’s Commander, keeping the Warranty documented and signed by the Master, of the total load shipped, by trip. With 18 years of experience, REAL MARINE Engineering operates in the ports of Santos / SP, São Francisco do Sul / SC and Paranaguá / PR.

Real Marine Agronomia was founded in 2005 to offer fumigation services on agricultural products in silos, containers and ship’s cargo holds, enabling customers to comply with international requirements of Phytosanitary Treatments. Today it operates in the ports of:
• Santos | SP;
• Paranaguá | PR;
• Vitória | ES;
• Rio Grande | RS;
• São Franscisco do Sul | SC;
• Barcarena | PA;
• Santarém | PA.

REAL MARINE AGRONOMIA is a company created embracing the concepts of quality, seriousness and responsibility. This triad defines our work philosophy.

We understand that for a strong and respected role in the market a company must provide services of assured quality, integrity and seriousness in dealing with clients and authorities and responsibility with the environment, employees and partners.

• We conduct our business within the Law and with integrity;

• We treat our clients and employees with dignity and respect;

• We maintain our records accurately;

• We are committed to sustainable development and citizenship.

In order to develop new markets, acquiring new customers, REAL MARINE AGRONOMIA invests in providing quality services. We believe that the loyalty of our customers is directly proportional to the degree of satisfaction from the business relationship. Therefore, we pursue excellence in everything we do, specially in quality assurance. And this is a constant objective. We have always invested in qualification and acquisition of new software tools for streamlining procedures developed for Phytosanitary Treatments.

We are accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA; Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources – IBAMA; the State Secretariat of Agricultural Protection - SDA; Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy of the State of São Paulo - CREA-SP and of the State of Paraná – CREA-PR; and the National Agency for Sanitation Monitoring - ANVISA.

Internationally, we are accredited as certified member of FOSFA International and as a Fumigation Operator Member of GAFTA, The Grain and Feed Trade Association.

Rua Paulo Bueno Wolf, 1 cj. 93
Santos | SP - Brasil
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